Send a text to 860-WEATHER with your Latitude and Longitude (from smartphone) or using a zip code. The primary intent: get an up to date forecast with only SMS. On a boat, camping, etc. USA only for now.

How to get your latitude and longitude via Google Maps

The most accurate weather report will come from using Latitude and Longitude vs. using a Zip Code. Using your phone you can get your Latitude and Longitude using Google Maps or the Apple Compass application.

In Google Maps drop a pin and it will display the Latitude and Longitude. Copy the Latitude and Longitude and paste it into the body of a text message to 860-WEATHER. Send it out and you will get a weather report.

image of a Google Map with a pin drop and displaying the GPS coordinates
image of a Text Message with outgoing coordinates and then incomming weather forecast

Why did you build this?

On recent camping and boating trips I noticed that I could still send and receive text messages when I was out of range to use data. That's the primary purpose of this service. To provide the weather when internet access is unavailable but text messaging is.

Also worth mentioning is that text messages will sit in a queue to be sent or received. Then if you step between reception bounds the messages will be delivered when ready. SMS uses much less data than many other services. Finally this service should work with satellite phones and likely less costly than using data services over the satellite network.

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